Be humble, for you are made of earth.

Be noble, for you are made of stars.

Serbian Proverb
In simple terms, Astrology...
  • Is a symbolic language that developed 2,400 years ago in Mesopotamia
  • Offers many lenses in which to look at a given subject
  • Can break barriers in the mind and offer stunning insight
  • Can help one understand the soul's reasons for existing
  • Can illuminate paths and highlight pitfalls that are key to explore
  • Is an excellent tool for self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-assurance


I use a unique blend of evolutionary, archetypal and traditional astrological methods (with a few stars and asteroids thrown in), to look for themes in the birth chart that we can explore together. Not sure where to start? Each client's journey is different, though most find a Skypath Reading to be a great introduction.

COVID-19 Safety
In order to ensure the safety of all parties, my services will be held remotely via Zoom or Skype until social distancing is no longer needed. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time, and stay safe.

Skypath Reading

An in-depth introductory tour of the patterns and pathways of your natal chart
  1. Learn key astrological principles
  2. Uses Evolutionary, Traditional, and Archetypal techniques
  3. Some current celestial events resonating with the chart are discussed
$120 | 75 minutes

Sky Patterns Reading

A natal chart review focusing on current planetary activity of your natal chart
  1. Discusses Transits, Secondary and Solar Arc Progressions, Profections, and the Solar Return chart
  2. Makes an excellent personal birthday gift for planning your year
$90 | 60 minutes

New Paths Reading

Location and travel-specific guidance
  1. The perfect reading for travelers to get an idea of which places in the world are most suitable regarding work, health, romance, or adventure
  2. Discusses specific places to use special caution (or to avoid)
  3. Techniques from astro-cartography are utilized through an evolutionary lens
$120 | 75 minutes

About John

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About John

During middle school in southern Arizona, I was so obsessed with mythology that I concretely imprinted the Greco-Roman pantheon into my psyche. I still see those gods and goddesses infused into everything around me.

My experiences of working with developmentally disabled and resource students for many years, as both teacher and mentor, has given me a strong compassion for others, and has seasoned me with an exceptional reconciling energy.

I started by reading many books, then honed my skills by studying with Steven Forrest, Julene Louis, and several other accomplished astrologers. I have more than 18 years experience reading natal charts and continue to enhance consulting techniques by attending workshops and conferences.

I've lectured at NORWAC (Northwest Astrology Conference), SFAS (San Francisco Astrology Society), and WSAA (Washington State Astrological Association). I've also served on the board for WSAA. I hold an MFA in Writing & Poetics (Naropa Institute) and an MA in Teaching (Seattle University).

I hope you find happiness and peace on your soul's journey, and that the stars and planets shine brightly for you on your path.

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